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"I was heartbroken, obviously. I want to see Paily work. There is so much invested in Paily and to kind of watch it deteriorate because of the same issues that I thought we had overcome is hard. But that’s how things are in Rosewood. Things reoccur and things come back around to bite you. I was sad, but I was also intrigued because a breakup really only means maybe they are discovering new sides of each other and new sides to themselves. Ultimately, I want each of them to be okay on their own. I don’t see Paige emerging a little darker though this season. I think she is finally really figuring out that she wants to stand by her own brand of light. There is nothing she is trying to do maliciously. In fact, she is trying to really take the high road where this big gash, this wound in her life is. She wants her girlfriend to come along with her, but she is choosing herself. Paige is choosing herself and I think that is incredibly strong and beautiful."
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